bat insertion and self pussy fisting - to self fist


to self fist - bat insertion and self pussy fisting

Some women like to feel the fist gently move back and forth. Others find the sensation of gently clenching and unclenching your fist like a heartbeat to be very pleasurable. Experiment with what. Generally speaking, fisting is a sex act that involves using all the fingers on one hand to penetrate (and pleasure) any orifice on the body: mouth, vagina, or anus. So, anal fisting involves using.

Fisting is a bad name for this sex act, as many people have the mental image of creating a rigid fist and shoving it inside. Forget that image and instead think about the slow introduction of one finger at a time, gradually opening up the vagina and only introducing more fingers when she is ready. A very good method of making a tight fist for punching. Roll your four fingers down into your palm, digit by digit, and then seal the fist by having your thumb across your other fingers (not at the side of your fist).

Extend your fist out at a right angle. Your wrist should remain straight as you strike with it, so much so that the front and top of your fist should roughly form a right angle. Your wrist needs to remain firm and steady as you strike with your fist. If your wrist snaps back or twists at an angle, you may damage the bones and muscles there. So you take a hand and push it into an orifice that’s generally smaller than a hand and that’s fisting. And most people are like “yuck,” even though fisting isn’t that much objectively weirder than.