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$18+ to enter, 21+ to drink Same as most goth/fetish clubs, anything legally acceptable No membership requirements Drinks: $1 wells and pints before 11pm / $2 after 11pm Club's Description: Mix of old school industrial, EBM, industrial/rock, synthpop, goth. Not the standard dance club music constantly, there is a good variety. There is a HUGE. Catacombs is Columbus’s first exclusive gothic fetish club. It’s a members based BYOB club for adults ages 19 and over. Membership fees are $15 per .

The original text version of this list was begun by digitar many years ago. This web version by VampLestat with many contributions. There are currently clubs in this listing. Club Sabbat—Known for being San Diego’s top gothic underground club. Enjoy music from local gothic DJs or watch the live burlesque and fetish events.

Clubs & Events Please check the links below and/or the Facebook widget on the right side of the site for updates, addresses, times and other information. The Witching Hour – A weekly goth dance night at Crescent Ballroom featuring darkwave, synth, post-punk & gloom music with resident DJ Tristan Iseult. Fallout opened its doors in November of , as the only full time Goth and Fetish nightclub in the area. Originally intended to be a small membership base with specialty theme events, the club has grown to be a large community of diverse interests and lifestyles.