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condom female use - There is a many ways how to use a condom - clip

Female condoms are used by women. You can see this condom as an alternative to condoms used by men. Like condom use, female condom use is also protected against STD (sexually transmitted disease) and pregnancy. Men wear condoms on their penis while the female condom is inserted inside the vagina of the woman. A female condom is one type of barrier method that prevents pregnancy and can keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases. Also called an “internal condom,” a female condom is a thin tube made.

Jan 28,  · Female condoms act as a contraceptive barrier that can be worn inside the vagina. They prevent unwanted pregnancies by stopping sperm from meeting an egg while also preventing sexually transmitted infections that may occur due to body-to-body Jayashree Narayanan. Sep 18,  · To use a female condom, insert it into your vagina before intercourse. The inner ring of the condom should be pushed into your vagina as far as it will go, up against your cervix. The outer ring.

DO store female condoms in a cool, dry place. *Female condoms can also be used for anal sex. DON’T use a male condom with a female condom, as this can cause tearing. DON’T reuse a female condom.