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DEMI 5' 6" · lbs Demi has retired from Tanya Kicks in Ottawa, Canada, where she was a tough catfighter for a number of years. She relied on quickness, agility, toughness and surprising strength to win a lot of matches and without a doubt, any man or woman who went against her knew they'd been in a fight! The 50 Best Blaxploitation Movies of All Time (Complex Magazine) Menu. Movies. Bare Breasts (10) Bare Chested Male (10) Martial Arts (10) Cigar Smoking (9) Machine Gun (9) Revenge (9) Blaxploitation Film (8) Brawl (8) Explosion (8) Kicks Carter, a streetwise Las Vegs cop, is out to shut down an upscale hotel that is actually a front for.

lester tosses tanya onto the ground hard. 32(sound cue) heather VO: mommy, mommy! 33(medium close up) tanya’s skirt has hiked up, revealing red panties. 34(close up) lester: you fucking whore! 35(medium close up) tanya kicks up into lester’s groin. 35(close up) lester’s face grimacing in pain. 36lester: arrrrggghh! 37owen: (VO) what a. Company: Tanya Kicks Tape: TK Best Breasts Length: 50 minutes Style: Cat Fight Reviewed By: Seaking Rating 8: And they keep coming out, excellent catfight videos out of Canada! Tanya Kicks latest offering is a classic catfight match between the "Titty Queen" Zeta vs a new comer from WI, Dakota.

TANYA KICKS ENTERPRISES TK02 Feline Fury 30 min TKO04 Cat Claws TK Nice and Nasty - Christine Dupree Vs Demi & Tanya Kicks Vs Helen Von Mott TK Silk Stockings - Tanya Vs Demi TK Twist & Shout - Kristie Etzold Vs Tanya-Plus 2 heavyweights wrestling. May 25,  · Allegra Cole, 47, swapped her career as a suburban piano teacher for glamour modelling, after spending $75, (£57, ) on surgery to get her breasts up to a size 34MM.