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Banel said Chubby & Tubby is one of several throwback Seattle retail icons that have survived into the 21st century, a fraternity that includes Bartell Drugs, Dick's Drive-In and the Elephant Car. Chubby & Tubby started in November when Woodrow Auge (Chubby) and Irvin Frese (Tubby) opened their first store in a Quonset hut on Rainier Avenue. Four years later, they opened stores on.

On Saturday, November 22, , a war-surplus shop called Chubby & Tubby ( Rainier Avenue S) holds its Grand Opening in Seattle. After Chubby and Tubby (Irving Frese and Woodrow Auge) passed on, the new owners moved the White Center store to Renton and a more upscale neighborhood. It's scheduled to close in .

The Black Tones performing the song Chubby and Tubby for our new video series Real to Reel. The audio for this song was recorded directly onto a Panasonic re. Woodrow Auge and Irvin Frese started Chubby & Tubby selling military surplus supplies on Rainer Avenue South in the s. They opened a store in North Seattle and another in White Center a few.