Karissma and Manuell Beginners 31 - ddr beginner adult


ddr beginner adult - Karissma and Manuell Beginners 31

Jan 04,  · One Response to “DDR Beginner Tutorial” [ ] you are a beginner, please view my beginner guide. It serves as an “introduction” to dance gaming. If you have played a couple games, [ ] How to play DDR: From Beginner to Expert «Stomping Grounds said this on January 4, at am | Reply. Lulz, They need to eat some burgers and fries. (Sorry for bad quality, My first video ever lol).

Official Konami soft pads [~50$] If you plan on buying a DDR console game, they usually come in a big cardboard box that includes an official konami soft pad. They are in general pretty good for beginners. However, like all soft pads, they are flimsy, slippery on certain surfaces and are in general not suitable once you get to higher difficulties. Tips and Techniques - Beginners. by PitterPanda. There are some key things that you must remember when you first play ddr. First of all, it's best that you have a little bit of rhythm. And by rhythm, I do not mean you know how to bob your head at a dance party. A big thing is you have to be able to pick up the "bass" beat when playing.

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