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Oct 15,  · Avoid complicated medical terminology or jargon. Use common, simple words to be as clear as possible and minimize the risk of misunderstanding. For example: Say “swallow” instead of “take”. Say “harmful” instead of “adverse”. Say “fats” instead of “lipids”. Say “belly” instead of “abdomen”. Improving adult literacy would have enormous economic benefits. Bringing all adults to the equivalent of a sixth grade reading level would generate an additional $ trillion – or 10% of GDP – in annual income for the country. 6.

The Role of Volunteers in Combating Adult Illiteracy. Kangisser, Dianne This document traces the history of volunteerism in the literacy field, discusses the current role and use of volunteers, and assesses the potential and the limits of volunteerism as a current and future means for overcoming illiteracy in the United States. Everyone has to work together to defeat illiteracy and its impact. Without the participation of individuals, community organizations, business and government, the situation will never be turned around. Here are some potential solutions to be considered .

5 Solutions to Illiteracy - Vision Launch Media. Apr 23,  · ProLiteracy believes that to combat some of our world's biggest problems — poverty, world health, gender inequality, and others — we have to start by building literacy among our adult population.