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cns regeneration using adult stem cells - in de stemming komen

Jan 06,  · Remyelination is a regenerative process in the central nervous system (CNS) that produces new myelin sheaths from adult stem cells. The decline in remyelination that occurs with Cited by: Repairing the Nervous System with Stem Cells | stemcells.

Although there are many different neuronal cell types in the brain, we now know that these new neurons can quot;plug inquot; correctly to assist brain function. 1 The discovery of these cells has spurred further research into the characteristics of neural stem cells from the fetus and the adult, mostly using . Using adult neural stem cells to generate new neurons is a natural process similar to what occurs during brain development. Direct in vivo reprogramming in contrast targets terminally differentiated cells such Cited by:

Abstract. Neuroregeneration in the CNS has proven to be difficult despite decades of research. The old dogma that CNS neurons cannot be regenerated in the adult mammalian brain has been overturned; however, endogenous adult neurogenesis appears to be insufficient for brain repair. Stem cell therapy once held promise for generating large quantities of neurons in the CNS, Cited by: