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Decherd Blvd, Winchester · mi · () Apr 10,  · The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung () did not formulate a specific stage theory of the human life cycle as did his mentor Sigmund Freud who theorized about the stages of psycho-sexual development (oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital).

Mar 01,  · Jung was one of the first to describe an adult developmental position in psychology. Using his work, Levinson describes three adult seasons of summer, fall and winter, beginning roughly at twenty, forty and sixty years of age. During the first half of life (under forty), Jung sees the therapies of Freud and Adler as addressing the central problems. For the later Cited by: 2. Born on July 26, , Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who is mostly known for the concept of how people can be categorized into introverts and extroverts by the extent of certain functions of consciousness. (Biography) Like Freud, Jung believed that .

May 31,  · Jung appeals to Sara because she says that most studies of human development cut off when the individual turns age 25, while Jung's theories discussed individuals at much later stages of life —. HDAL - Dr. Cockerham. Blog. Jan. 20, Over 1 million people now use Prezi Video to share content with their audiences.