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Mar 29,  · Then I wrote and recorded the music over a few days in late August It had a more upbeat sound than the other stuff I was doing, which was pretty exciting because it was something new for me." As for his overall goal for the EP and Adult Karate project at large, Maloney says he wants the music to act as a tool for those who turn it on. Dec 05,  · I'm 61 and I don't think it's a case of us old farts "hating" the Web, or MySpace and stuff it's more "being afraid" of the unbelieveable speed that this stuff is advancing and that a LOT of old duffers like myself are left totally in the dark we don't know how to use or handle the technology that the younger kids seem to pick up and use like it was normal.

Jul 08,  · MySpace statistics and adult responses By Wesley Fryer On July 8, · · 1 Comment Scott Granneman has published an excellent article, “MySpace, a place without MyParents,” that not only includes statistics about MySpace that should get the attention of educators and parents alike, but also focuses on the REAL issues which do not have. myspace layouts, myspace comments, easter myspace comments, adult myspace, sexy myspace, musician layouts, myspace codes, myspace graphics, myspace tags, fun stuff.