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I opened the envelope and stared at the $ collector’s agency price, then groaned, wrote a check and put it promptly in the mailbox. I was already going to get a spanking about this, after all, I didn’t want to get a switching for ignoring yet another notice. I went back to painting the kitchen cabinets, which I had been doing all day. While being spanked do you: get an erection, remain soft, leak fluid, orgasm. Here are a few observations made based on the responses of 56 respondents. 22 men were only interested in being spanked for real offenses. 15 of those felt pain only. Most started out soft.

Paul gets a well deserved spanking. 1 year ago. Record Number of Spanks at the Heart Attack Grill. 2 years ago. 4sj0wnz0llo 2 years ago. Vows - Short Film Trailer. 2 years ago. Dank Domination. 2 years ago. Powder Spanking. 2 years ago. Because a generation of men were beaten during their formative years, so the theory went, they yearned to be spanked as adults. But long after the last .

Thanks for watching GETTING A SPANKINGThe theme of the great debate continues as I discuss my views on discipline and spanking. We also go to the Hidden Hill. Is intended for adults only and depicts images and videos of consensual spanking and domestic discipline. Search. Spanking and tagged belt spanking, FM spanking, wife spanks, women spanking men by WSadmin. He is a lucky man. When I get married I want my wife to do this.