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The Koran Angelfish or Semicircle Angelfish adult looks like someone outlined the body and gills in a bright, almost neon blue. The small mouth is yellow and the head can be a solid pale grayish blue or yellow to dark brownish yellow, devoid of any mid section brightens up to a lighter yellow, speckled with dark blue scales. The Koran Angelfish, also referred to as the Semicircular Angelfish or Halfcircled Angelfish, is an extremely popular and hardy angelfish. As an adult, the body color is a yellow-green that bleeds from light to dark moving front to back along the body. Lighter areas are speckled-blue while darker areas have a more yellow-speckled Range: $ - $

The Koran Angelfish, Pomacanthus semicirculatus, has a yellow/green body that fades from light to dark with the lighter areas speckled blue and the darker areas speckled yellow and light blue vertical lines along the eyes and face. Like many large Angelfish their appearance will change dramatically from the juvenile to adult stage.5/5(2). Jul 03,  · Social Media: The Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) is also sometimes called the Semicircle Angelfish (from the scientific name) and is one of the better suited marine angelfish for hobbyists because it adapts well to aquarium life. They are often kept in community type FOWLR setups but can become territorial as they mature.