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When the commander says “Simon says” before a command, everyone has to do it. But, when he doesn’t say “Simon says” the players aren’t supposed to move. If the commander doesn’t say “Simon says” before a command, the players who move are out. Rundown of a game: “Simon says touch your nose.” **Everyone touches their nose**. Simon Says Game Simon Says is a classic game that is traditionally played by kids and families, although it can also work with college students and adults as a lighthearted icebreaker. How to Play Simon Says One person plays the role of “Simon”, .

The "Simon says" game is equivalent to "Jacques à dit" (in francophone countries) or to "Jean dit" (in Québec). It's this childish game who gave its name to the famous Simon® game. In this game one child issues instructions to other childs, and he's called "the Simon". For example, the instructions may be. When you play the kids' version of Simon Says in hyperspeed, it becomes a fast-paced adult party game of Speedy Simon! Materials Needed: Paper; Pen; Playing time on this one of the best party games for adults for 30 minutes. How to Play: 1. Before game time, make a list of physical actions. 2. Choose a player to be Simon.

Simon Says Simon Says exercises reflex skills and memory. It is appropriate for seniors already experiencing memory loss. Stand at the front of the room. How To Play Simon Says Game Designate one person as Simon and the others as players. Simon stands in front of the players and tells them what they must do. Use the activity sheet below to get some funny Simon Says Ideas or use your own.