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adult entertainment laws henry county tennessee - Hudson County Hoe 3

Find COVID Information and Resources Laws, Policies, and Guides. Laws A-C Accountancy Laws; Alarm System Contractors Laws. Henry County officials say they are continuing efforts to comply with federal laws regarding adult-entertainment establishments in the area.

A DHS/APS counselor will visit the adult to determine the need for protective services. Family, friends, or professionals who know about the adult's situation may be contacted. The APS counselor will work with the adult victim and others (family, friends, volunteers, and professionals) to assist the adult and reduce the danger. Municipal Code for the City of Paris, TN Title 1 Chapter 14 Code of Ethics for the County of Henry and the City of Paris, Tennessee. TITLE 2 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Title 5 Chapter 13 Adult Entertainment Establishment and Related Activities. MUNICIPAL CODE – Title 5 Chapter 14 Yard Sales.