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To help you on your comic-book journey, we've picked out 15 graphic novels for adults that are well worth you r time - from comics journalism, to dystopian sci-fi, and even one story featuring superheroes. If we have added any of your favourites, r emember to upvote or downvote to have your say. The best horror books of all time, revealed. I added Scarlet Witch vol 2 by the same principle as mentioned before - the writer is a man, but all four illustrators are women. But I also think this should then be mentioned in the list information, or then all men authors be removed- it's a bit confusing, especially since in list form you only see first author, not illustrators.

Kathleen Webb - writer, Betty (Archie Comics) Christina Weir - writer, Oni Press; G. Willow Wilson - writer, Cairo (Vertigo), Ms. Marvel (Marvel) Kim Yale - writer/editor, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, First Comics, and Warp Graphics; OEL manga. Tina Anderson - writer, Only Words (Iris Print), Games With Me (The Wild Side), Loud Snow (Gynocrat INK). various adult comics; Jessica Abel (writer/artist) Mostly known for her original graphic novel "La Perdida". Active in the s and s. La Perdida GN (story/art/cover) Life Sucks (art) Jill.

For our feature on The 10 Best Comic Books for Adults, we take a look at some incredible works by preeminent writers and artists in the field that transcend perceptions of comic .